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  1. Getting Organized

    February 14, 2013 by greenjellybean

    One thing I’ve found after having my baby is that I’m nowhere near as organized as I used to be. I was the type of person who could do, like, a week’s worth of chores in a carefully scheduled morning. I could multitask! I could bake a cake, clean the kitchen, pay some bills, vacuum the upstairs, sweep the porch and make lunch for twelve.
    But now?
    Oh, no. Not at all. Now I’m lucky if I get one thing done all morning. All day, even.
    Things were looking bleak.
    Until I devised my handy chore chart!
    I know these things are usually meant for children and the forgetful. But me? I just need some way to keep track of what’s been done and what needs doing. I’m going to make up a set of adorable magnets to use on the chart (to cover the chores as they’re completed), but for now, here’s the chart:

    Each day has its chores, everything is nice and organized.
    So far? It’s working wonderfully. I’ve accomplished everything this week. Now, it’s only Wednesday…but still! On the right track!

  2. And I’m Back!

    January 26, 2013 by greenjellybean

    Forgive the lack of posts, dear readers! Both Jay and I have been incredibly busy…and I’ve been terribly sleep deprived, thanks to my dear daughter (we’ll call her Cupcake for interwebz purposes).
    But we’re almost at 9 weeks, and I feel like we’re getting into the swing of things. So more posts soon! Specifically: homemade baby stuff!
    Stay tuned!

  3. The Easiest Wreaths Ever!

    November 13, 2012 by greenjellybean

    Christmas is just around the corner (OK, so it’s over a month away…but really? It’ll be here in no time!) and I’m already gearing up for a cra-azy December (new baby, anyone?). I’ve finished my Christmas shopping (hooray), but I wanted to have some homemade gifts to give out as well. I usually bake for everyone, but I don’t know how much time I’ll have to devote to sweet treats this year…hence, wreaths!

    I considered buying the styrofoam wreath circles at the local craft shop…until I saw the price. Almost $10 per wreath? Noooo thank you. Instead, my mom suggested using pipe covering – you know, the stuff you can get at the hardware store for under two bucks? The stuff that’s like a pool noodle, but thinner? That stuff! Here’s a picture, in case you’re not sure what I mean:










    That’s what it looks like when you cut it in half and duct tape it into a circle. So inexpensive!
    But what can a person do with such a wreath form? Glad you asked. Check out these bad boys:
























    Basically, to make your own wreath collection, this is what you need to do:

    1. Get a few pieces of pipe insulator/covering stuff.
    2. Cut each one in half.
    3. Duct tape the covering into a circle shape. Don’t be shy with the duct tape. No such thing as too much tape.
    4. Tie on one end of a ball of yarn. Wrap the wreath with the yarn. This takes a little while to complete, but go slowly and make sure the wrapping is even. It looks muuuuch better in the end.
    5. Decorate! Add ornaments or bells or sparkles or rhinestones…the sky is the limit, people!
    6. Add ribbon for hanging your wreath.
    7. Admire your handiwork. Take pictures for posterity!

    Wreath making: it’s what’s for Christmas.

  4. Adorable Finger Puppets!

    November 8, 2012 by greenjellybean

    So I’m nine months pregnant (almost 38 weeks) and I’m not working anymore (yay mat leave!). Since I’ve got my days more-or-less free, I had to find something to fill them up.
    Cue the crafting bug! It’s bitten me. Hard.
    I decided to make my little Cupcake some finger puppets. You know, for when she needs entertaining/when I need to wave them around in her face and make funny voices? They’re really for both of us.
    So this is what they look like:

    What do you think? Pretty good, eh?
    Before I even started these, I finished a set of little stuffed animals for my niece. Wanna see them?

    And that’s some of what I’ve been up to. The other thing? Wreaths. OMG, my house looks like a wreath factory exploded. But they’re REALLY nice and super easy (and inexpensive) to make. So I’ll be showing you how to create some of your own soon-ish!
    Stay tuned!

  5. Teeny Tiny Christmas Wreaths!

    October 25, 2012 by greenjellybean

    Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE cute things. The cuter, the better! Also, the sparklier, the better.
    That’s why, when I discovered the joys of making little wreaths out of shower curtain rings, I was so utterly delighted. Something cute! Something small! Something that can be made extremely sparkly!
    Anyway, here’s the scoop!

    What you need:
    Shower curtain rings (I got mine from the dollar store), yarn (I “borrowed” mine from my mother), hot glue gun (I loves my glue gun), sequins, beads, ribbon – whatever the heck you want to decorate your wreath with.

    What you do:
    1. I glued my wreaths together at the shower curtain snap. They actually wouldn’t snap for me before I applied a liberal amount of hot glue (likely due to my fat and clumsy pregnant hands). I’m not sure whether the hot glue softened the plastic up or what, but…it worked!

    2. Wrap the wreath in the yarn. I just started by tying the yarn around part of the wreath and wrapping away.

    3. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

    Here are some of the wreaths I’ve created. Personally, I think they’re adorable!

  6. DIY Felt Coasters

    September 21, 2012 by greenjellybean

    As many of you who know me in real life are aware, I LOVE to make crafty things. In fact, felt is kind of my medium of choice. Other than icing, that is. So since I’ve got a baby shower coming up in the not-too-distant future, I thought I would make a few coasters to go into the thank you boxes I’m working on (also full of homemade/delicious/awesome stuff). The coasters I’m particularly proud of because they’ve taken quite a little while to do, and they’re really cute.

    But I’m not biased. :D

    See for yourself:


    What do you think? There are lots more behind-the-scenes photos to come, so stay tuned kids!







  7. A Non-Lame Baby Shower

    July 19, 2012 by greenjellybean

    OK, so truth be told I’ve only been to two baby showers in my life.
    And both were pretty great!
    But the problem is this: from what I’ve read on the interwebz, many baby showers are…how shall I put it…super lame. SUPER lame.
    And since I’m very much against any game that requires my guests to drink from baby bottles, guess which chocolate bar is resting in a diaper (who thinks of this stuff? Really?!), or measure my growing belly with a length of toilet paper, I decided to find an alternative.
    I know, I know: you’re not supposed to have anything to do with your own baby shower except for attending it.
    But I’m a control freak. So I had to give myself something to do.
    Enter the adorable ABC book!
    Check it out:









    As you can see, each letter has its own page. And that means each guest will get to choose a letter and illustrate it as they see fit. My friends and family members are extremely creative and hilarious people, so I expect big things. Also, I’m going to give a prize for most interesting, most well-thought-out, most sparkly and stuff like that.
    I’ve got another fun thing up my sleeve, but that’s still in the works.
    And after that, I promise: I’ll stay out of it.
    Well, except for the take home gifts.
    But after THAT…I’m really out. For reals. Honest.